Site Survey

An online site survey will be carried out to see if a flight operation is possible we will check the air space and surrounding terrain to make sure it is safe and legal to fly at the proposed site and obtain any permissions that would be required.

On Site Survey

With each flight operation, an inspection of the site is necessary to comply with the rules that are set by the Civil Aviation Authority. Here we will pick up on any factors that could not be determined with the online survey, this is usually carried out on the day of operation if it is necessary to carry out this inspection prior to the day Mileage charges of £0.45 per mile will apply


Flight operation’s are weather sensitive. We monitor the weather forecast leading up to the day of operation and in the event of adverse forecast conditions, we will contact you at least 24hrs before the date in order to reschedule to the next suitable date. In the event of not being able to obtain any footage due to bad weather and not able to reschedule Fly Camera Action will refund any payments made however If we arrive on site and are unable to obtain any footage due to bad weather Mileage charges of £0.45 per mile will apply

Copyright and Use of Material

Fly Camera Action will retain the copyright of all aerial photography and filmed content unless prior arrangement is agreed upon with the client

The client will have full use of all footage photography & video for their own purposes but are not permitted to sell the material or allow any other parties to use it without prior agreement. We reserve the right to use any footage we obtain for our own promotional purpose including stock libraries however, consideration will be given to our client’s privacy and a prior agreement can be made between Fly Camera Action and the client.

Basic Package

  • All planning
  • On-Site Survey
  • Up to 30 minutes of Flying time

Advanced Package

  • All planning
  • On-Site Survey
  • Up to 60 minutes of Flying time

Tailored Package

  • All planning
  • On-Site Survey
  • All Rendering and Editing included

Please note that Mileage charges of £0.45 per mile will apply.

Certain locations require additional permits, this will be discussed with the client and the resulting fees will be added to the final invoice.